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Began: 02/22/19 at 10:00 AM CST
Location: 17513 680th Ave., Adams, MN 55909


Clean – Low Hours – Low Acre – No Reserve Farm Retirement Auction

After Close To 40 Years Of Successful Farming The Sathres Have Leased Their Farms To Their Nephews, Therefore They Will Sell All Equipment At Public Auction

Auction Location: 17513 680th Ave. Adams, MN 55909 From Adams, MN: Go North On 665th Ave, Turn East On 160th St., Then North On 670th Ave To 167th St., Then North On 680th Ave. or From Dexter, MN: Off Of I-90, South On 670th Ave.

Friday, February 22, 2019

10:00 AM CST

Live & On-Line Bidding  

~Case IH 500 Steiger – Case IH 290 Mag MFWD – Case IH 240 Mag MFWD – Case IH Puma160 MFWD – Case IH MX100 2WD~

***Case IH 500HD Steiger 4WD, 2,203 Hours, 800/70R38 Duals 85%, 4hyd, 28 Rear Mount Suit Case Weights, AFS 750 Monitor, CIH Receiver, Instructional Seat, Deluxe Cab, Power Shift Trans.,SN: ZBF125038(Very Clean)
***2013 Case IH 290 Magnum MFWD, 1,744 Hours, 480/80R50 Duals 90%, 380/80R38 Duals 90%, Rear Wheel Weights, 4hyd Plus Case Drain, 3pt QH, 1000 PTO, Instructional Seat, Leather, AFS 700 Monitor Screen, CIH Receiver, SN: ZCRD07099(Very Clean)
***2012 Case IH Puma160 MFWD, CVT, Auto Steer, AFS 750 Monitor with CIH Receiver, 1,276 Hours, 460/85R42 Duals 95%, 380/85R30 95%, 6 Rear Wheel Weights, 3pt, 4hyd, 540/1000 PTO, Joystick Hyd. SN: ZBBP11504
*** 2001 Case IH MX240 Magnum MFWD, 3518 Hours, 480/80R46 Duals At 85%, 380/85R34 Fronts, 3 Hydraulics, 3pt., Big 1000PTO, Rear Wheel Weights, Left Hand Reverser, Power Shift, SN: X240C4JJA0113921
***2001 Case IH MX100 2WD, 3,485 Hours, 18.4xR38 85%, 3pt, 3hyd, Left Hand Reverser, 4×4 Trans., SN: JJAMX07941
***Rock Box For CIH MX Tractor

***John Deere 4850 MFWD, 9,587 Hours, 18.4×42 Duals, Inside Wheel Weights, 3pt, 3hyd, 1000 PTO, 6 Front Wheel Weights, Clean Tractor

~Case IH 7120 AFS Combine – CIH 2608 Chopping Head – Case IH 2162 Draper Bean Head – CIH 2020 Bean Head – Head Trailers~

***2010 Case IH 7120 AFS Combine, 1,882 Engine Hours, 1,464 Sep. Hours, 20.8R42 Duals 95%, AFS Pro-600 Monitor, CIH Receiver, Beacon, Field Tracker, Mauer Bin Topper, Chopper/Spreader, Very Clean – Through Shop, SN: Y9G207840
***2012 Case IH 2608 Corn Head (New Style Throat For New Combines) New Chopping Knives, Knife Rolls, Stalk Stompers, Dual PTO, SN: 676614074
***2013 Case IH2162 Draper Bean Head, 35’ Built In Transport, SN: YDZN35659
***Case IH 2020 Bean Head, 35’, Dual PTO, 3” Cut, Stone Guard, Full Finger Auger, SN:CBJ041596
***Horst 35’ Head Trailer, 4 Wheel
***Shop Built 20’ Head Trailer, 4 Wheel
***Extra Corn Concaves For 7120 Or 8120 Combine

~Case IH1250 Planter 24R30” – Convey-All WT290 Seed Tender – Fast 7400, 1600 Gallon Crop Sprayer – And Support Equipment~

***2011 Case IH 1250 Early Riser Planter 24R30” Center Fill, Liquid Fertilizer, 500 Gallon Tank, John Blue Pump, Row Cleaners, Red Ball Valves, Air Down Pressure, 1000 PTO Pump, Air Shut-Off Every 2 Rows, Planted Approx. 8000 Acres, 1 Set of Corn & Beans, SN: YAS008431, Very Clean
***2008 Convey-All WT290 Seed Tender, On Tandem Axle Gooseneck Trailer, 15’ Belt Conveyor, 13.5hp Electric Start, Roll Tarp, 2 Compartments, Avery Weightronix 640 Scale, Excellent Condition
***Fast 7400 Crop Sprayer, 1600 Gallon Poly Tank, 90’ Booms, 20” Spacings, 14.9R46 Tires, 120” Spacings, Hydraulic Pump, Banjo Valves, Quick Fill, Raven SCS 450 Controls, 3 Section Shut-Off, Hydraulic Adjust., Excellent Condition
***1000 Gallon Poly Tank On Tandem Axle Trailer, 16.5×16.1 Tires, Transfer Pump
***1600 Gallon Poly Tank
***(2) Chemical Inductors (2) Transfer Pumps
***2200 Gallon Horizontal Poly Nurse Tank

~2015 John Deere 7780 Self Propelled Forage Harvester, John Deere 630A Hay Head – John Deere 688 Corn Head – 2010 John Deere 9770 STS Combine~
~These Items Belong To The Sathre’s Nephews Who Have Leased Jim & Connie’s Farmland~
~Darin’s Phone 507-438-2355~

***2015 John Deere 7780 Self Propelled Harvester 882/595 Hours, HiArc Spout, Spout Extension, Auto Lube, Green Star Ready, Kernal Processor, 800/65R32 Front, 480/80R26 Rears, Light Package, John Deere Warranty, SN: 1Z07780XJEK513932
***John Deere 630A hay Head 10’, SN: CC630AX052406
***John Deere 688 Corn Head, 8 Row, 20’, SN: 1KM0688GEBB11605
***2010 John Deere 9770 STS, Bullet Rotor, 710/70R38 Duals 80%, 1601/1168 Hours, Bin Extension, Chopper/Spreader, Long Auger, Heavy Duty Axles, Single Point Hook-Up, Green Star Ready, $9,000.00 spent through JD Shop, Very Clean, SN: 0736006

~Case 850H LPG Dozer With 6 Way Blade – 1999 Tow Master T-40 Trailer – 1978 Landall Drop Deck, Front Hyd Lift, 42’ x 96” Implement Trailer~

***Case 850H LPG, 24” Wide Track, 10’ 6 Way Dozer Blade, 2 Speed Hi-Lo, 367 Hours On Complete Engine Overhaul, New Front & Bottom Rollers, ROPS, 6000 Hours On Machine, SN: JJG0296254 (Very Clean Machine)
***1978 Landall Drop Deck Semi Implement Trailer, 42’ x 96”, New Deck & Crossmembers, Hydraulic Slide & Tilt, Outriggers, 10’ Wide With Outriggers, 8.25xR15 Tandem Duals, 31’ Bottom Flat, Very Good Condition
***1999 Towmaster T40, 24’ Trailer, 40,000 lbs Tandem Duals, Air Brakes, Ramps, Pintle Hitch, 215/75R/17.5 Tires, Excellent Condition

~Day Cab Semi Trucks & Semi Grain Trailers~

***1995 Freightliner Day Cab Semi Tractor, N14 Diesel, 10 Speed Eaton, Jake Brake, 22.5 Rubber, Spring Ride, 165,819 Miles Showing, Clean
***2003 Volvo Day Cab Semi Tractor, VE-D12-365 Diesel, 10 Speed Eaton, Jake Brake, 22.5 Rubber, Aluminum Rims, Air Ride, 685,981 Miles Showing, Right Weight Load Scale
***1995 Volvo White/GMC Day Cab Semi Tractor, Wet Kit, 22.5 Rubber, Aluminum Rims, Sliding 5th Wheel Plate, Volvo D17-370 Diesel, 10 Speed, Jake Brake, 280,903 Miles

***2013 Neville Grain Hopper Trailer, 40’x66”x102” Aluminum Trailer, Electric Roll Tarp, Aluminum Rims, Spring Ride, Very Clean
***2008 Jet Aluminum Grain Trailer, 40’x66”x96”, 24.5 Rubber, Air Ride, Roll Tarp, Air Pressure Scale
***2007 Dakota Aluminum Grain Trailer, 38’x64”x96” Surelock 3500, Electric Roll Tarp, 24.5 Rubber, 2 Speed Traps, Spring Ride

~3 Excellent Straight Farm Grain Trucks~
~All Three Of These Excellent Trucks Belong To Roger Weness. Neighbor Also Retiring. 507-254-8251~

***1990 GMC Top Kick Tandem Axle Grain Truck, CAT 3116 Diesel, 10 Speed Transmission With Low Low, 270,075 Actual Miles, Twin Screw, 22.5 Rubber, 21’ Steel Grain Box With 3 Piece End Gate, Roll Tarp, Very Nice Truck
***1995 Freightliner FL70 Tandem Axle Grain Truck, Single Axle With Air Lift Tag, 22.5 Rubber, Diesel, 6 Speed Transmission, 369,283 Miles, 20’ Steel Box & Hoist, Roll Tarp
***1979 IH S Series 1954, Grain Truck Tri-Axle Twin Screw With Air Lift Tag, 466 Diesel, 10 Speed Transmission With Low Low, 22.5 Rubber, 21’ Steel Box & Hoist, Roll Tarp, 481,659 Miles

~Schulte Rock Picker – (2) CIH 200 Field Cultivator – John Deere 3710 Plow – CIH 870 Ripper – Other Good Support Equipment~

***2013 Schulte 2500 Giant Rock Picker, Hyd. Tongue & Hitch, 16.5×16.1 Tires, 2.5 Yard Hopper, Like New, Bolt On Factory 3pt Hitch For Schulte 2500 Rock Picker (Sells Separate)
***2011 Case IH TigerMate 200 Field Cultivator 50.5’, All New Sweeps, Big Gauge, Wheels, 2 Bar Tine Harrow, Rolling Basket, Extra Cylinders, Very Good
***Case IH TigerMate II Field Cultivator, 32.5’, 2 Bar Harrow, Rolling Basket
***2013 Case IH 870 Ripper, 9 Shank, 24” Spacings, Rear Disc Levelers, Rear Rolling Cutting Basket, Double Disc Front, Highway Tires
***2013 John Deere 3710 Plow, On-Land Hitch, 7 Bottom, Big Coulters, New Shins, Excellent
***Yetter 3530 Rotary Hoe, 30’ Flat Fold, 3pt, Gauge Wheels, Stone Guard
***6’x12’ Flat Bed Wagon With Hoist, 7 Ton Gear Rock Wagon
***(2) John Deere 400 Rotary Hoe 15’ & 20’, 3pt

~IHC 966 & 1066 , Both Restored~

***International 966 Hydro Tractor Open Station, Flat Top Fenders, Good Hydro, 3pt, 540/1000 PTO, 18.4×38 Rear Rubber 90%, Restored, SN: U019512
*** International 1066 Open Station, Fenders, New Clutch, Pressure Plate, TA, PTO, 540/1000 PTO, 3pt, 18.4×38, SN: U040356
***(2) Sets Of 18.4×38 Tires
***IHC Front Weights
***Set Of 18.4×38 Duals, Axle

~Brent 782 Grain Cart – Grain Augers – Chevy Pick-Ups – Fuel Tanks – Other Farm Items~

***2009 Brent 782 Grain Cart, Roll Tarp, Light Kit, 30.5x32L Tires, 1000PTO, SN:B25430128
***Peck 10”x60’ Swing Hopper Auger, 540 PTO
***Westfield 6”x12’ Trunk Mount Auger Hydraulic Drive
***Grass Hopper 721, Zero Turn Mower, 60” Deck
***2000 & 1000 Gallon Fuel Tanks With Fill Rite Pumps
***Case IH AFS 700 Screen
***HP Booster Chip For Magnum Tractor, 15% Increase
***Dole Moisture Tester
***2001 Chevy 2500, 4×4 Ext Cab Pick-Up, 6.0 V8, Short Box, 199,871 Miles
***N.A. Hot Water Pressure Washer, 2200 PSI, 5hp, 220 Volt
***DEF Tanks & Pumps
***R24.5 Recap Tires
***1988 Chevy S-10, 4×4 Flatbed, No Title

~Very Few Small Items- Machinery Buyers BE ON TIME~

Viewing of Machinery at Farm: Tuesday, February 19 8AM- 6PM through
Friday February 22 8AM – 6PM

Auctioneers Note All Machinery Is In The Best Of Care With Excellent Maintenance. Most CIH Machinery Was Purchased New. All Machinery Has Been Shedded. Don’t Miss This Opportunity To Purchase Exceptionally Clean Farm Machinery.

Terms: Cash, Check, All Items Purchased the day of the auctions must be paid for in full. All items sell as-is, where is with no warranty, or guaranty expressed or implied.

Jim & Connie Sathre, Owners/Sellers

Phone 507-438-0271

Matt Maring Auction Co. Inc.,
PO Box 37, Kenyon, MN 55946
507-789-5421 or 800-801-4502
Matt Maring Lic# 25-28
Kevin Maring Lic# 25-70
Adam Engen Lic# 25-93


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Matt Maring Auction Co., Inc.

PO Box 37 Kenyon, MN 55946

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